Brunella Horna said that Melissa Paredes asked her to exchange dresses

Brunella Horna confessed, in the last program of More shows, that the model Melissa Paredes would have asked her to exchange a dress from her new collection for this summer. Also, the host pointed out about the former reality girl who would have gone to get some cosmetic retouching.

“Well, to have this dress and make you look regal (…) do you know who called me to give her a little dress? Melissa Paredes. She just got peptones on, ”Brunella said.

“I’ll tell you that he has gone to a doctor and has put peptones on him (…) it’s a protein that you inject into your buttocks and it helps you make them grow; They are only useful if you do sports ”, he explained.

The model Brunella Horna told the details of her departure from the competition program This is war in the latest edition of More shows. The businesswoman said that Peter Fajardo announced his departure from the program after spending half a season as a competitor.

“One month. Peter said, ‘Right there, thank you.’ There were some little problems and I got out. I was there for half a season, ”Brunella said. Then he mentioned: “He was super young. I came from Chiclayo with my suitcases, and I didn’t fight, I was very shy. I was crying, nothing more, it was because I was very afraid of doing things ”.

The model Brunella Horna made it clear, again, that, for now, among her plans is not to become a mother. In that sense, the former reality girl also pointed out that she is happy with her pet.

“When I am a mother, I want to dedicate myself totally to my son, I want a sabbatical. I think that now I can’t do it, I want to be more financially stable ”, he added.