Brunella Horna says that going to Thailand “is cheap” and Susy Díaz trolls her: “Because you don’t pay” [VIDEO]

He can’t with his genius! The blonde Brunella Horna has always been talked about with her love relationships, like the businessman Renzo Costa and the politician and current boyfriend Richard Acuña, that topic was used by Susan Diaz to troll her in an epic way.

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In the latest edition of America Todaythis Tuesday, July 26, the América TV program shared a note from Flavia Laos and Austin Palao in Thailand, where they have been working with a well-known jewelry brand.

About, Brunella Horna he put his spoon in and recognized that he had also gone to this destination. “I haven’t been to the Malvinas, but I have been to Thailand. I stayed two weeks, it can’t be five days, it has to be two weeks to enjoy it,” she said.

For the ‘Baby Brune’, the trip to this destination is relatively cheap. “In Thailand the ticket is very expensive, but staying is cheap,” she pointed out, and she did not expect what Susy Díaz would tell her. “It will be cheap because you don’t pay,” said the blonde, trolling her.

Hearing this, Brunella Horna she did not stay silent and returned it with everything to Susan Diaz, reminding her of her romance with Walter Obregón. “Walter was paid by you,” she pointed out.

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Does Brunella Horna reveal the excuse that Renzo Costa gave her after infidelity?: “The man said: ‘They planted me'”

Brunella Horna He was talking with the psychologist invited to the América TV program, and asked him about the excuses that infidels usually use, regarding the Chorri Palacios ampay with a woman who is not his wife. “The man can tell you ‘They planted me’ or ‘I was drunk,'” said the former reality girl, and her companions did not hesitate to question her. “Did they tell you that?” They asked her, and she affirmed it without roche.

Brunella Horna He told some excuses he has heard from infidels and recalled that a similar case happened to him years ago. “Many years ago,” she sentenced, which led the psychologist to advise her. “Brunella, you can see maturity there, the man is immature,” she finished, telling him that he should not accept such comments.

Brunella Horna confesses why she left without her engagement ring: “I apologize”

The businesswoman confesses why she did not put on her engagement ring and even states that she is just getting used to it.

“I really apologize and well, I think everyone could have missed it, they tell me ‘you’ve only been a week’ and yes, I’m just getting used to the fact that I have to put on the ring,” he added for his partner.

Brunella Horna reveals what happened to her engagement ring.

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Brunella Horna throws flowers at Gisela Valcárcel for her return: “We miss you on TV”

The co-host of “America Today“, Brunella Horna, was happy with the news that Gisela Valcárcel will return to television with a new proposal. This is “La Gran Estrella” and the former wawita could not help but be happy.

Therefore, through his Instagram account, Brunella Horna He expressed his joy with the return of Gisela Valcárcel to television and even shared the promotion of the new program of “Señito”, who returns to the screens on August 6.

“Finally Gisela Valcárcel returns. We miss you on TV, now Saturdays will be fun,” he wrote Brunella Horna on his Instagram account and then published the promotion of the new program of Gisela Valcarcel which will deal with singing.