Brunella Horna says that Richard Acuña gets along very well with his grandfather: “He will always see him.”

They are already like family. Brunella Horna went through a hard time because her grandfather was hospitalized in an emergency, but now she is out of danger and told how well she gets along with her boyfriend, Richard Acuña.

In the latest edition of More ShowsOn Tuesday, January 11, the driver gave details of the health of her loved one after spending more than a month in intensive care.

“It has been 30 days that my grandfather was hospitalized, and the doctors did not give us much news (…) I am very happy, because when the family unites, this goal can be reached (…) Everything changed. December was a month from a lot of work, I left everything to myself, “he said Brunella Horna.

“For me, that my grandfather is at home is a miracle, I thank the doctors. (…) Having a relative in the ICU is hell because you have very little information, my grandfather told me: We Horna are strong, and it is true “he added.

After these words, Brunella Horna aHe assured that he has a very close family, and that his partner Richard Acuña is already part of it by spending a lot of time even with his grandfather.

“We are very close, to Richard, as he works in Chiclayo, he will always see him. There was not a day in these 35 days that my grandfather was neglected,” said the businesswoman, who moments before had made known how bad the It happened when his grandmother passed away.

Valeria Piazza and Brunella Horna praise Shirley Arica: “She is succeeding in the world”

Upon learning that Shirley Arica would be the new leader of Ecuavisa, in Ecuador, the hosts of Más Espectáculos were excited to fill her with praise during this same broadcast.

“I have been amazed with Shirley Arica, she is really succeeding in the world,” said Brunella Horna, to which Valeria Piazza joined in saying: “She has a pull Shirley Arica, people are dying for her.” Oops!