Brunella Horna seeing Ivana Yturbe and Beto Da Silva happy on their baby’s ‘birthday’: “What a beautiful family!”

Happy for them. The host of ‘América Hoy’, Brunella Horna, used her social networks to share some moments of what is the first year of the daughter of IVana Yturbe and Beto Da Silva, Almudena. And it is that, this October 8, both daddies celebrate in style the first year of life of her smug. Among the guests, the blonde ‘Baby Brune’ stood out, who dedicated a message for this special day.

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Through your official account InstagramRichard Acuña’s fiancee shared some images of the show they prepared for the little ‘Almu’, the result of the relationship between Ivana and her husband, the soccer player Beto Da Silva, who were captured by Brunella being ‘pussies’ with their youngest daughter, who she turned her first year, surrounded by little friends and ‘uncles’ from the entertainment world.

“What a beautiful family Ivana Yturbe and Beto Da Silva,” wrote the host Horna on her social network when she saw both daddies very happy with their baby. It is worth pointing out that the blonde is a very close friend of Ivana and she was one of the first to know of her pregnancy.

On the other hand, it is unknown if he attended to the number one birthdayor Almudena with her future husband Richard Acuña. Meanwhile, in other images that she uploaded to her Instagram, the gift and detail that she prepared for the baby could be appreciated.

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What was the business of Ivana Yturbe and Beto da Silva that closed about?

In September 2021, Ivana Yturbe and Beto da Silva They opened a restaurant. This was called “El Filetón” and was focused on selling sandwiches and homemade food. In addition, he had Rodrigo Cuba as his godfather. However, after the pandemic, the project would have come to an end.

It is worth specifying that the model Yturbe who promoted the business through “On everyone’s lips”, however, this would not have been successful despite the fact that she and her husband are well-known people.