Brunella Horna surprises with unexpected photography and reveals what she does in Chiclayo: “I was dying to come”

The model Brunella Horna is in the public eye after announcing her departure from América Hoy because she is in poor health, but she did not give details about the illness she afflicts. Furthermore, she revealed that she traveled to Chiclayoexactly to his parents’ house in pepper.

As is known, the young businesswoman caused a series of reactions after confessing that she is going through a difficult time and therefore is at complete rest. For this reason, she has decided to step aside in conducting TV.

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“I had to be on absolute rest. Now I’m in Chiclayo because I wanted to be with my parents and my grandparents,” Brunella Horna said in the latest edition of her former TV show. america television.

Now the influencers He surprised his thousands of followers by returning to social networks to share a photo showing that he traveled to his homeland not only to rest but also to try one of his favorite fast foods.

Through her official Instagram account, the former presenter Brunella Horna shared a snapshot of a hamburger and revealed: “The hamburger of my whole life, I was dying to come,” she wrote in her story.

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What did Brunella Horna say about her health?

Through a phone call, Brunella Horna He decided to thank his colleagues for giving him their support in the midst of his health situation, but he said that he could not reveal what was happening to him on television.

“They have been hard days, and I thank you. I have been able to send you photos of what I am going through. I thank you for being my friends,” he said.

“Everyone around me knows the process I’m going through, you know because you are my friends, but I can’t say it publicly. The last day I went to Pachacamac I had the biggest scare of my life,” he added.