Brunella Horna throws Melissa Paredes LIVE: “She called me to give her a dress”

Nothing was saved. Melissa Paredes has been on everyone’s lips since her controversial ampay with Anthony Aranda, and now Brunella Horna has added a striking topic to the list of controversies.

Everything was revealed in the latest edition of More Shows. This Thursday, January 6, the model wore a black dress, and Valeria Piazza trolled her. “Brune, the black dress memo was yesterday,” she told him.

Hearing these words, Brunella Horna She was uncomfortable, but her partner decided to change the tone of the moment. “Let’s see, stand up and model,” he said, and did not wait for what would happen next.

The former reality girl accepted Valeria Piazza’s proposal and took the moment to announce that she would soon launch her new collection of dresses. However, he was surprised to announce that Melissa Paredes He asked for an exchange.

“I’m going to put out a new collection tomorrow, and do you know who called me to give her a little dress? Melissa Paredes. She just put peptones on,” he said. Brunella Horna. Oops!

Brunella Horna on Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: “The relationship is official”

In More Shows, Brunella Horna She was surprised after the image of Melissa Paredes Y Anthony Aranda in the New Year, and assured that they would have already made it official.

“Another couple that we did not see is Melissa and the dancer, because with the photo … I was with his family. The relationship is official,” said Richard Acuña’s partner.