Brunella Horna tries to make makis LIVE and fails emphatically: “He is unarmed”

It’s not his forte. The businesswoman Brunella Horna has been surprising with her LIVE occurrences since she debuted in driving america today, and this time he did not disappoint by starring in a new live blooper when he wanted to show that his culinary skills had improved. However, nothing went as she thought.

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A few months ago, the popular ‘Baby Brune’ She was involved in a series of viral videos when she couldn’t tell the difference between some vegetables, and then when she couldn’t cut a chicken on camera. This time, it was shown that preparing Japanese food would not be her forte either. What happened?

In the last edition of america todaythis Friday, February 3, a well-known chef came to the set to teach how to cook makis, which are the well-known sushi rolls, which contain rice with sugar and vinegar.

“If it works out for Brune Horna, you can do it this weekend, she with her little brother,” said Ethel Pozo, while Brunella Horna he followed the instructions of the chef who told him: “You have to spread it with your fingertips.”

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Things don’t turn out the way Brunella Horna would have wanted

Given this, Brunella HornaShe wanted to follow exactly what they told her, but it wasn’t easy, so the chef wanted to support her. However, Ethel Pozo did not let him “Roger, don’t help her”, she asked him, and he said that she was only explaining what to do.

Next, the ex-reality girl asked to be trusted, but when it came to rolling up the rice and fish, everything went wrong. “Look how she was left, all unarmed,” said Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter, so the cook tried to support the blonde. “No, it turned out well”, but Julián Alexander’s wife could not with her genius. “Roger, we’re telling the truth, please, he’s unarmed,” she pointed out, evidencing that the scroll was indeed wrong. Oh Brune!