Brunella Horna warns Flavia Laos about Austin Palao: “You are ready for more”

He left with everything! Flavia Laos is on everyone’s lips after spending the New Year with Austin Palao, and Brunella Horna could not stop pronouncing herself by sending a strong warning.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this Thursday, December 6. The conductors spoke of the new rapprochement between them, and Valeria Piazza stated that she “loved that couple that Patricio made with Flavia.”

Hearing this, Brunella Horna exploded by hinting that Flavia Laos would have approached Austin palao to annoy Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster, who were supported together, for which he advised him.

“Flavia, do not step on the stick, you are ready for more. You are already on another level, you do not have to fall into that, they sponsor it in international brands, it is in another,” he said.

Valeria Piazza was surprised by the words of Brunella Horna, and came out to defend him. “I know Austin, he is a very good man, he treats women well,” he said.

However, the Chiclayana did not give her arm to twist. “She is Luciana’s ex. If Luciana says she is Austin’s ex, and Patricio is already with Luciana, I would not like that for Flavia,” he said.

Flavia Laos is harshly criticized for throwing a rocket near a puppy

Recall that Instarándula managed by Samuel Suárez shared a clip of Flavia Laos, which she would have deleted due to the strong criticism for animal abuse during the New Year, and that is that she harmed a puppy.

“This video Flavia eliminated at hours due to criticism by throwing a firecracker near a puppy,” the entertainment journalist wrote about it.