Brunella Horna was scared by the 5.6-degree tremor: “I called Richard crying”

He lived a nightmare. A 5.6-degree earthquake on the Richter scale shook Lima this Friday, December 7, and Brunella Horna was one of the most affected people, as Richard Acuña was told.

Everything was evidenced in the last edition of More Shows, this Friday, December 7. The businesswoman arrived on set and Valeria Piazza asked her about how she experienced the earthquake.

Brunella Horna revealed how bad it was during the earthquake in Lima. “The first thing I did was I took Chema, my little dog, and ran out, I stayed at the door,” he said, to which his partner added: “I thought it was going to be an earthquake.”

Then, the former reality girl announced that she was alone because her boyfriend Richard Acuna He is in Chiclayo, and she called him through tears. “Richard is in Chiclayo, he didn’t feel it there, but I did call him early crying.”

When listening to her, Valeria Piazza wanted to troll her because of her crying and Brunella Horna it was not stung. “Yes, there are memes of mine, you know how I am,” he said.

Brunella Horna on Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: “The relationship is official”

In More Shows, Brunella Horna She was surprised after the image of Melissa Paredes Y Anthony Aranda in the New Year, and assured that they would have already made it official.

“Another couple that we did not see is Melissa and the dancer, because with the photo … I was with his family. The relationship is official,” said Richard Acuña’s partner.