Bruno Ascenzo and his boyfriend traveled to Huaraz to receive the New Year: “Thank you for everything you have learned”

Actor Bruno Ascenzo joined the list of local entertainment figures who decided to travel to welcome the new year, but he did not do it alone but in the company of his partner Adrián Bello and actress Melania Urbina. All of them spent it in Huaraz, Ancash.

Through his Instagram account, the film director shared snapshots of his journey through the north of the capital. She also included romantic photos with her boyfriend when they visited various tourist spots in this place.

“Last day of 2021 in the Parón lagoon. Precise name to pause and thank for everything learned. May 2022 be conducive to you, virtual wants of Instagram. Much strength and happiness for the new year! ”Was the message he wrote about his trip.

For her part, Melania Urbina was delighted with this trip and also dedicated a publication.

“Thank you, Huaraz. You gave us a clear sky to say goodbye to Huascarán. We will meet again, ”he wrote. He also interacted with his followers by asking them “how is your height falling?”, He wrote.

Bruno Ascenzo dedicated an emotional message to Stephanie Cayo for her birthday

He adores her. Bruno Ascenzo shared an extensive message dedicated to Stephanie Cayo for her birthday, where he expresses how much he admires her and loves her since they met.

“Today this woman, whom I have loved and admired with all my heart for more than 23 years, turns one more year of life. I am a privileged witness of her talent and drive, of that strength that has taken her to where she has wanted to go, with an unwavering discipline and an infinite love and respect for what she does, “he said.

Bruno Ascenzo receives a romantic greeting for his birthday from his boyfriend Adrián Bello: “I love you very much”

Bruno Ascenzo is on his birthday and on social networks he received many greetings, but the one that stood out the most was that of his partner Adrian Bello.

“Happy day, my love”, “Happy day friend, happiness”, “Happy promise day. May you celebrate today as you deserve ”,“ Happy day Bruno. May it be a beautiful year full of many beautiful projects ”, were some of the messages.