Bruno Pinasco before revealing his sexual orientation: “I thought they would not want me to do commercials”

Bruno Pinasco is one of the most beloved characters on Peruvian television and has one of the longest running programs on open signal. Thus, the charismatic conductor of moviescape He has always been one of the figures the public wants to know more about. For this reason, in one of the few times that the presenter is in the interviewee’s seat, the channel Youtube “Henry spencer’s room” managed to talk to Pinasco for more than an hour. He revealed what it was like to make his sexual orientation known and the fears behind this decision.

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Why was Bruno Pinasco afraid to reveal his sexual orientation?

In a chat with Luis Carlos Burneo, from the YouTube channel “Henry spencer’s room”, Bruno Pinasco He told how he revealed his sexual orientation, right on his birthday. The Cinescape driver had ordered a rainbow-colored cake to be made. “I had the cake made as an inside joke on us (of my friends). When I’m about to raise the cake, I say: ‘I’m going to take a picture with it.’ I take the photo and say: ‘Fuck it***’ and upload it.”

However, before that act, the presenter had doubts about whether to reveal this detail of his life. “I have never lived hiding or pretending anything. The issue was, one, the relationship with the channel and, two, the business relationship I had. I was the image of many brands. And He was like, ‘Whoa, all of a sudden, they’re not going to want me to do commercials for something or to advertise this.'”

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How Bruno Pinasco decided to reveal his sexual orientation?

Bruno Pinasco also recounted that two people made him feel safe before revealing his sexual orientation. “It gave me a lot of security. Bruno Ascenzo is my ‘brother’ and I am also a friend of Ricardo Morán. They did it at the time. They told me: ‘You have your job, people love you for who you are, for your work. There won’t be any problems, don’t worry.”

Bruno Pinasco revealed his sexual orientation in 2016. Photo: Capture/Bruno Pinasco/Instagram