Bryan Arámbulo announces legal measures after accusations: “I have nothing to hide”

He defended himself. Bryan Arámbulo finds himself in the eye of the storm after being attacked for allegedly nearly running over children while intoxicated, and now he went out with everything to announce that he took legal action.

The singer was affected after the accusations against him a few days ago as he claimed that it would all be a homophobic attack, and regretted that his family was receiving attacks.

For this reason, El Popular newspaper convert IN EXCLUSIVE with Bryan arambulo, and he informed us that he has already filed more than one complaint after the attacks on his loved ones, and the damage to his car. As he assured, he has nothing to hide.

– How do you feel? Strong accusations against you came to light

I really feel uncomfortable. It’s really angry, because it doesn’t seem fair to me with everything that was happening. At the beginning of the year it was coming to me, but right now with a positive mind and above all acting legally, because from my side I don’t have to hide anything. On the contrary, there are security cameras, like many people who witnessed the truly shameful scandal that they tried to make me.

– How is this of the legal route? Have you already filed the complaint?

Yes, I have already filed all the complaints for civil damages, for reparations for what they did to my car, for all the attacks they did against my family. I have acted against all accusations and complaints.

– You said it was an attack of homophobia

Most of all, envy on the part of this family that I really don’t know with what intentions or for what reasons they tried to do this kind of thing.

Bryan Arámbulo forgets accusations and promises new music

Now after this bitter drink, Bryan arambulo He wants to see the positive because he has been working non-stop after he was with the Chola Chabuca on New Years during the special of El Reventonazo de la Chola.

“I have been with a lot of good vibes and recharged with positive things. Just this whole week I am taking time to produce, to record, and with many positive things to launch this summer 2022,” he said.