Bryan Arámbulo defends his ‘arrangements’ and thanks Lourdes Sacín: “I want to meet her”

Nothing was saved. Bryan Arámbulo found himself in the eye of the storm a few days ago when he told details of his rhinoplasty and ended up receiving criticism, but Lourdes Sacín intervened and now he does not forget her support.

In conversation EXCLUSIVE with El Popular newspaper, The singer revealed if he will have any more surgery in the future, and only had words of praise towards the ex-partner of Andy V, who said that he has every right to have surgery.

Bryan arambulo He assured that he prefers to ignore the criticism he received for his striking ‘arrangements’ and revealed that he wants to meet Lourdes Sacín in person, since he admires her a lot.

– A few days ago you talked about your surgeries and you defended yourself, how do you put yourself before the detractors? Some say there are excesses, but others came out to support you

Each person who does a ‘little retouch’, if he likes it, let him do it, each one is free to choose what he wants to do or does not want to do with his body. Each one of the ‘arrangements’ that I have made are for something aesthetic and for something that I like. I had the opportunity to do it, and the day I could, I did it. I like it, I love the work of the doctors who were able to put their hand on me and that is how I feel happy. There the detractors who want to speak, have an opinion. At the end I try to cope with it, because the homophobic, disparaging comments, judging, pointing out, I no longer take much importance. I usually try to pick up the positives rather than the negatives.

– Just one of the people who has supported you is Lourdes Sacín

Yes, I have been reading the posts that Lourdes Sacín has been sharing about me, and super supportive. I can’t say to reporters: ‘Don’t post this to me.’ What happens is that I am a public person and the press has every right to inform. Perhaps there are things that are not, but we are like artists to go out to show up and clean ourselves. I send a huge kiss to each of the reporters, speak well, speak badly, it is your job and we are the ones who really have to take it, be it good or bad.

I send a huge kiss to Lourdes Sacín because she has been publishing, supporting me, and I know that her intentions are very, very good. I do not know her in person, but I would love to meet her because wow, I respect her, I have known a lot about her career as a journalist.

– Going back to the topic of ‘retouching’, would you think of making yourself something new or is it not in your plans?

Do something new to me, no, not anymore, so many surgeries. I’ve already been through those pains. On the contrary, now I am super well and from here (from now on), Bryan to stay, to continue as a boy with a healthy, orderly life, doing exercises to maintain his body. I believe that in summer we have to stay and be regal.

Bryan Arámbulo announces legal measures after accusations: “I have nothing to hide”

In the same interview with El Popular Newspaper, Bryan Arámbulo He informed us about the legal measures he took, since he has already filed more than one complaint after the attacks on his loved ones, and the damage to his car. “Right now with a positive mind and above all acting legally, because from my side I have no reason to hide anything,” he said.

“I have filed all the complaints for civil reparation, for reparation for what they did to my car, for all the attacks they did against my family. I have acted against all the accusations and complaints,” added the Cumbiambero.