Bryan Arámbulo initiates legal action after accusations against him: “It doesn’t seem fair to me”

Bryan arambulo Who gained great popularity in 2021 thanks to his vocal talent, started the year starring in an episode of aggression. The young artist was accused of driving while intoxicated and trying to run over two children in Huacho, which generated a strong brawl.

Given this, the 24-year-old interpreter denied everything that was said about him and announced legal measures against the people who defamed him, and for the damages caused to his car and his family.

“I feel uncomfortable. It is really angry, because everything that is happening does not seem fair to me. But right now, with positive mind and above all acting legally … from my side I have nothing to hide. On the contrary, there are security cameras, (and also) many who witnessed the truly shameful scandal that they tried to make me, ”he told El Popular.

“I have already filed all the complaints for civil reparation, because of what happened to my car and all the attacks they did to my family. I have acted against all the accusations and complaints ”, he added. Bryan arambulo.

During an interview with Radio Exitosa, Bryan Arámbulo assured that he did not drive his car in an alcoholic state, much less did he want to run over two children.

“I’m not going to deny that the day before I was sharing with my family (…) (I was) in my five senses. I don’t understand why people speculate that they see me dizzy. In any moment. And they put two children in … “, he commented.

Bryan Arámbulo explained that the fight took place because a neighboring family is envious of him and, when he asked to remove his car – because he wanted to take his car out – the attacks, homophobic insults and physical attacks against the singer and his mother began.