Bryan Arámbulo rules out undergoing more cosmetic surgeries: “I’ve already gone through those pains”

At the end of December, Bryan arambulo defended himself from the criticism he had received for his Rhinoplasty. The young cumbia singer is satisfied with the result and revealed that no further changes will be made, as he feels that it is enough.

The 24-year-old interpreter does not want to go through normal pain again during recovery from surgery and assured that he will choose to lead a healthy life to stay in shape.

“Do something new to me, no, not anymore, so many surgeries. I’ve already been through those pains. On the contrary, now I am super good and from here (onwards), Bryan to stay, to continue as a boy with a healthy, orderly life, doing exercises to maintain his body. I think that in summer we have to stay and be regal, “he told El Popular.

Likewise, Bryan Arámbulo assured that criticism matters little to him, since he feels satisfied with his new profile.

“Each person who does a ‘little retouch’, if he likes it, let him do it, each one is free to choose what he wants to do or does not want to do with his body. Each one of the ‘arrangements’ that I have made are for something aesthetic and for something that I like. I had the opportunity to do it, and the day I could, I did it. I like it, I love the work of the doctors who were able to put their hand on me and that is how I feel happy “, he commented.

“There the detractors who want to speak, give their opinion. At the end I try to cope with it, because the homophobic, disparaging comments, judging, pointing out, I no longer take much importance. Usually, I try to pick up the positives rather than the negatives, “he added.

After the wave of criticism against Bryan Arámbulo for his rhinoplasty, Lourdes Sacín came out in defense of the singer. This act did not go unnoticed by the artist.

“Yes, I have been reading the posts that Lourdes Sacín has been sharing about me, and very supportive. I can’t say to reporters: ‘Don’t post this about me.’ What happens is that I am a public person and the press has every right to inform. Perhaps there are things that are not, but we are like artists to go out to show up and clean ourselves. I send a huge kiss to each of the reporters, speak well, speak badly, it is your job and we are the ones who really have to take it, be it good or bad, “he mentioned.