Bryan Arámbulo wants to return to Yo Soy as a guest: “To show that dreams can be achieved”

Everything is possible. Bryan Arámbulo has been working hard and steady to make a name for himself in recent years, but at the time he wanted to imitate someone else in Yo Soy. Now, you want this to serve as experience.

The singer chatted IN EXCLUSIVE with El Popular newspaper to announce that she will soon release featurings with foreign artists to seek her Grammy Award nomination, and recalled her audition as ‘Anette Moreno’ on the imitation show as if to inspire other young people.

– You have been working and we saw you at the end of the year at the Chola Reventonazo, you have been full

That’s right, I’ve been with a lot of good vibes and recharged with positive things. Just this whole week I am taking time to produce, to record, and with many positive things to launch this summer 2022

– At some point you said that your dream was to have a Grammy, do you still want to get there?

Yes, of course, there are recordings and feats with international artists, and that is what will allow me (to get to the Grammy). Once again grateful to the people because they open the doors for me to take one more step to the opportunity to internationalize. Being here in Peru, being able to visit Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, then we will be recording with international artists and with them being able to present a feat.

– Do you already have a date for this or there is still nothing said?

It is ready, we are making the musical arrangements, then you are ready to enter the recording room, record them (sic.) And present them to the public.

– At some point we saw you in Yo Soy trying to participate, would you like to come back? Maybe as a jury?

I would love to, yes, but not as a jury, but as a guest artist, to be able to show people who truly participate and fight for their dreams, that they can achieve it.

Bryan Arámbulo announces legal measures after accusations: “I have nothing to hide”

In the same interview with El Popular Newspaper, Bryan Arámbulo He informed us about the legal measures he took, since he has already filed more than one complaint after the attacks on his loved ones, and the damage to his car. “Right now with a positive mind and above all acting legally, because from my side I have no reason to hide anything,” he said.

“I have filed all the complaints for civil reparation, for reparation for what they did to my car, for all the attacks they did against my family. I have acted against all the accusations and complaints,” added the Cumbiambero.