Budweiser could sue FIFA for restriction of beer sales in Qatar 2022

The FIFA and the authorities of the host country of Qatar 2022 agreed to “focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on the FIFA Fan Fest, other fan destinations and authorized points, removing beer outlets from the perimeters of the stadium of the World Cup of Qatar FIFA 2022”, as read in the official statement.

This has not only caused great discontent among the fans, but also in Budweiser who had a contract of 75 million euros with the FIFA that allowed him to have exclusive points of sale in the capital of Qatar. And while the brand has been humorous on social media, its next actions might not be so harmless.

When it became known that Qatar would be the host of the world Cup the issue of the sale of alcohol was in doubt, given the customs of the Arab country. And finally the FIFA He confirmed that, in effect, no alcohol would be sold inside the stadiums and that only ‘Bud Zero’, Budweiser’s non-alcoholic beer, could be purchased.

Given this, the beer brand took it with humor and “announced” on their social networks that they would give away the drinks that they will not be able to sell to the World Cup-winning team. However, as it is a contract of 75 million euros, the beer company would be evaluating suing the soccer federation.

In addition, the beer company invited Oxford University to predict who would be the possible World Champion. Thus, the following data has been estimated: England will lose in quarters Argentina will lose in the semifinal, and Brazil will face Belgium In the final, the South American team came out as champion. In this way, the selection of Brazil it would earn the millions of beers that Budweiser won’t be able to sell.

Despite the fact that Ecuadorian fans chant “we want beer”, the Shaira law, an Islamic norm, limits the consumption of alcohol, and this obeys the decision made by the authorities of the Arab country together with FIFA.

Will the fans be able to respect this law until the end of the World Cup?