Burn fire! Ruth Karina does not beg Ana Kohler: “If she doesn’t want to record with me, then don’t record”

A couple of weeks ago, Ana Kohler was interviewed by Shirley Arica, who asked her if she would record with Ruth Karina and she replied that she did not see any benefit and even stated that her colleague is stagnant musically. In exclusive interview for El Popular, Ruth Karina He responded with everything and unlike her, he assured that he has no problem doing a ‘feat’ together. However, he noted that if the other person is not interested in bringing up a song between the two, then there is nothing to do. In the same way, he defended her talent, assuring that she continues to be welcomed and that she has not stopped working since she started in music.

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Ruth Karina, a few days ago Ana Kohler said that she would not record a song with you because she would be giving you a benefit… what do you think about her statements?

The truth is that I have nothing to say, I do not have to refute it, each one is the owner of their own words and their own actions. If she says that she doesn’t want to record with me, that’s her. I can’t tell her anymore she walks her.

– If you had been asked that same question… what would you have answered? Would you record with her?

I have been doing feats with many people and if they offer me, I have no problems, but I have no friendship with her. We are colleagues and for there to be a recording, there should be a friendship, a good agreement, but I have no problem recording with any artist, with one who is starting or in my category. I can’t downplay anyone. If she has said that she doesn’t want to record with me, then she shouldn’t record.

– Do you think you’re stuck in music? That’s what Ana Kohler said and that she does fusion..

I do everything. I have been working since I started until today, I did not leave the country, I have not stopped. Thank God I am working in Peru as abroad. Since the pandemic began, I still worked with my virtual events and when the borders opened I left. Now I have agreed to go to Canada. I keep going on. I thank the public for continuing to accept me. I don’t think I’ve stagnated, I’m active.

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Ana Kohler talks about the rivalry with Ruth Karina

In December 2022, Anna Kohler She was consulted about the supposed rivalry with Ruth Karina and that time she said that there is no such situation between the two, since she does not compete with anyone, but with herself, stating that if they listen to her music, they also do the same with her.

“Not at all (that there is an enmity), each one has her style, her way of singing. I think that if there is someone who listens to her music, they can also listen to mine, they can listen to all the artists,” he said. Anna Kohler for cameras quite quiet.