“Burning” takes the stage on December 10 at Chao Café Teatro

Chao Café Teatro, presents the world premiere of “Burning”, three tragicomic, urban and absurd stories, with performances by Fausto Rojas, Francis Cruz and Solly Durán. Written and directed by Carlos Castro (National Theater Award 2021). The play will be presented on December 10 at 9:00 pm. The tickets are available at the theater box office and at chaoteatro.com.

The show “Quemando” is made up of three short dramas: “Dia Feliz”. Absurd attempt at an assault on a rich man, by an unusual assailant. “Burning”. A neighbor complains of a peculiar smell in the building. The owner of the apartment to whom she complains and she face in an argument that reveals the problems of the owner. And “they knocked down my cell phone.” Hysterical narration of a girl, who goes out on a Saturday to a bar with her friend; and, the next morning, he discovers that his cell phone was stolen.

The author and director of these dramas, indicates that his proposal is explicitly intended for the actor to say and do from the stillness and dramatic brevity.

Fausto Rojas expressed: “a while ago Carlos and I, like my friend Francis Cruz, wanted to do something together on stage, we got together with Carlos to see another theatrical project, there he presents this work to us, finally motivating us to join together to perform this modern and avant-garde theatrical proposal. We invited my friend and partner Solly Durán, an outstanding Dominican actress abroad and the truth is that we have an exquisite creative process which we trust and have faith will be seen on stage ”.

“I hadn’t done theater since March 2020. Going back with this proposal by Carlos, apart from fulfilling an objective set a long time ago, challenges me in many ways, as it is a contemporary and avant-garde staging that takes us out of our comfort zone creative. Working together with my beloved and admired Fausto exalts me and it is an experience that adds value to my acting work. Creating bonds of friendship with Solly and entering together the playful plane of the theater has been revealing and confirms that art unites us in its time with people predestined to know and appreciate ”, highlighted Francis Cruz.

“Acting was no longer feeling the same, I felt a void when doing auditions or roles in movies. It occurred to me that it was time to go back to roots and restart. And so, as a magic and a sign, my friend Fausto tells me to meet our director Carlos Castro that he had a project in mind. I went by inertia. History Homeland, change and out, that’s where the crush happened! There was a very strong connection between everyone, including the great Francis Cruz who was present. After a decade without doing theater, I return with the luxury of being directed by Carlos Castro and sharing the stage with these giants of the theater, ”said Solly Durán.