Busquets and the objective in the Spanish Super Cup: “We are going with the illusion of winning the title”

In the preview of the Spanish classic FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid for the Spanish Super Cup Sergio Busquets analyzed tomorrow’s match against the Whites. The Blaugrana midfielder indicated that this duel will be very close and they will be hoping to win the title. It is measured again against those led by Carlos Ancelotti after almost three months.

The experienced player declared in a press conference that in a classic everything is equal. “We arrived with a lot of desire and enthusiasm to contest the title and win it, which would give us a lot of confidence to face the remainder of the season. We expect a very close match, each one with their weapons and both with high-quality players. We started a new stage with a new coach, young players and recovering players. Everybody wants to play a Classic “ beginning.

“At Camp Nou They beat us but we had our options and there were times when we were very good. In a Classic, everything is equalized regardless of the distance in points in The league“He added about the last match where meringues and azulgranas saw each other.

Finally, Sergio He referred to the fact that in this class of matches the statistics are left aside. “When the Classic begins, that is forgotten, it is a streak that I hope we can break but it remains on the sidelines, we will try to go for the game, creating and scoring goals. We want to be a much more solid team and take care of the details, which will be fundamental “ concluded.