Butrón before a possible postponement of League 1: “At the moment it cannot be said”

Alarms go off at the tournament. In the midst of a third wave of COVID-19 infections, several clubs that will play League 1 Betsson 2022 have been announcing the constant positive cases registered in their teams a few weeks after starting the competition.

One of the last to be affected was the University of Sports. Jean ferrari administrator of the institution, announced that the Cream Night was canceled and also requested that the start of the championship be delayed. In these circumstances, Jahir Butron showed his position on this request.

“It would be necessary to analyze the situation at the moment, arrived at the beginning or in the previous dates of the beginning. It was our turn now and I have four or five more teams as well. As the hand comes, other teams can be infected near the start of the tournament. It would be necessary to analyze if all are going to start under the same conditions. That is something that at the moment cannot be said”, Declared the strategist of Carlos Stein in dialogue with Radio Ovación.

Let us remember that the Carlist painting is one of the hardest hit by the disease. “The outbreak of Covid came with force. On Monday we did tests and we had nine infected players. The appropriate measures were taken ”, he specified.

He also assured that what happened forced them to suspend some of their commitments. “We have canceled a friendly match against Mannucci and another on Saturday because he does not give us the number of players to play. On the 15th against Vallejo we hope to have everyone ”, he concluded.