C. Tangana takes the Spanish after-dinner to the stage of the Latin Grammy

C. Tangana unveiled a typical Spanish after-dinner on the Latin Grammy stage this Thursday, surrounded by a long list of artists, including Jorge Drexler, Nathy Peluso, Antonio Carmona, Natalia Lafacourcade and Omar Apollo.

The Spaniard appeared at the gala when his album, “El madrileño”, had already won three awards: best pop-rock song for “Hong Kong”, best alternative song for “Nominao” and best recording engineering, in this case for its producer Alizz.

Diego del Morao, Israel Fernández and La Húngara completed the cast and gave a flamenco tone to the interpretation of “Ingobernable”.

The performance, one of the largest displays of musicians together in the recent history of the Latin Grammy, repeated the concept that Tangana presented for the concert “Tiny Desk” of the US radio NPR, one of the most viewed on the internet in the last year .

The musician was the first Spanish artist to join this emblematic concert program, which he recorded at Casa Carvajal, an architectural gem designed by Javier Carvajal.

In the live version, for the Latin Grammy, Tangana did not skimp and sneaked food and glasses of wine between the Spanish guitars and Alizzz’s keyboard.

“Thanks to the Academy for giving a Latin Grammy to a man from Madrid,” said C. Tangana minutes before receiving the award for the best pop-rock song for “Hong Kong.”

The Latin Academy, based in Miami, has very well received Tangana’s commitment to unite Spanish tradition and avant-garde in “El Madrileño”, an album that has garnered critical acclaim and that has represented an important leap in his career.

In fact, the Spaniard arrived at the ceremony as the third most nominated artist of the edition, including the album of the year and recording of the year for “Te Olvidaste” with Omar Apollo.

“I am very excited about my performance, but because of the magnitude of what we are preparing I want to keep it a secret for now. I’m quite nervous, “said the singer in an interview weeks before unveiling his performance.

“My knowledge comes from listening to others and playing instruments. This is how I ended the parties with my friends and how I like to feel live music, “he explained.