“Caamano. Militar a Guerrilla”, the new film production

colonel’s life Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó is the central theme of the new feature film documentary film of the renowned Dominican filmmaker René Fortunatoscheduled to premiere on Thursday, February 16 in various movie theaters in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

This new documentary film of Fortunato, “caamano. Militar a Guerrilla”, shows the story of Colonel Francisco Alberto caamano Deñó after leaving the Dominican Republic in January 1966. Military attaché at the Dominican embassy in London, England, he traveled clandestinely to Cuba, where he trained in guerrilla warfare for five years, until he finally led the guerrilla landing from Snails Beach.

In February of next year 2023, it will be fifty years of Caracoles beach and the death of the colonel caamanowhich occurred on February 16, 1973.

The premiere of “caamano. Militar a Guerrilla ”, just on the day of the 50th anniversary of his death, aims to pay tribute to the Dominican national hero, leader of the April revolution and main figure of the armed resistance to the second US military intervention of 1965 .

To build the story of caamano After he became Commander Román, more than fifteen people who were training military with him in Cuba were interviewed, as well as others who were related, linked and/or committed to the hero of April during those years.

With a duration of eighty-five minutes (85) and made entirely with images and sounds of the time, the feature film had the participation of Gustavo Olivo, René Alfonso and Miguel Susana in the narration; Alex Mansilla in the original music, Cristian Valerio in editing and post-production, Matty Vásquez executive producer and his Long Sang in the design of the soundtrack, among others.

The films and photos used in this film production were acquired from specialized archives in London, England; Washington, DC; Havana Cuba; Buenos Aires, Argentina and the General Archive of the Nation of Santo Domingo, among others.

With “caamano. Militar a Guerrilla” there are nine feature films made by René Fortunatoamong which “April: the Trench of Honor”, the trilogy of “The Power of the Boss”, “The Legacy of the Tyrant”, “The Violence of Power”, “President on the Imperial Frontier” and “Patricia, the Return of the Dream”, the latter in the field of fiction.