Cachaza reacts to messages of heartbreak, according to images from América Hoy: “Mistakes teach you”

The garota Cachaza ignited the rumors of a possible break with Rafael Cardozo, since the program of America Today evidenced the reactions of the former reality show girl to several messages of heartbreak and quite reflective, which has generated several speculations in the world of entertainment.

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Speculation of a possible breakup increased after Rafael Cardozo resigned from Esto es Guerra because they questioned him a lot about Cachaçaso much so that he decided to withdraw from the television set to later post said statement.

However, what the program of America Today showed in his program unpublished images that Cachaça I would be reacting to several heartbreak messages, where I would even call the reality boy a “mistake”.

It should be noted that, since they separated, both Raphael Cardozo What Cachaça They have been leading their lives separately, here in Peru and she taking a great relaxation on their trips to the beach, but what many wonder is, what could happen after the model returns to the country.

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What were the messages you liked Cachaza?

According to the program of America Today, Cachaça For a few days now, the Brazilian would already be giving likes to messages of heartbreak, self-help and pain, implying that there could be a possible break between the two.

“You put aside the loves that made you feel incomplete and you fell in love beautifully with what you see in the mirror”, “Be happy, because the stone is never that big, because the pain is overcome, because mistakes teach you and because nobody It’s perfect. Life always gives a second chance for everything and puts everyone where they should be”, “May you fall in love with yourself in September and manage to let go of old beliefs and all that you are no longer”, are some of the reactions to the ones that Carol Reali liked.