Cachaza refuses to clarify the rumors of a breakup with Rafael Cardozo: “We ask for respect” [VIDEO]

Cachaça arrived in Peru due to rumors of a possible separation with Rafael Cardozo and was consulted by the cameras of America Today On whether he was still in a relationship with the Brazilian, however, instead of denying it, he replied that if singleness suited him, hinting that if he would be separated from the reality boy.

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It was on the show America Today that he got the exclusive when he knew where the girl would be and they asked him about what has been speculating in all the media, for this reason the girl was also questioned if she would be closing stages like Raphael Cardozo.

“I can’t talk about it, I ask you for a little respect, but I’ll talk soon, ask him, it’s easy because of the program too, I don’t want to talk about those things,” Cachaza said at first, who showed himself without the ring of commitment that Rafael Cardozo gave him.

The former reality girl Cachaza also spoke about Cardozo’s resignation from Esto es Guerra, for having questioned him a lot about his relationship with her. The garota, did not want to give more details of the matter, but she clarified that in a few days the couple would be giving a statement to all her followers, will it be her separation?

“I think what happened is too much, I think it’s a private issue between the two, we’re going to talk about it at the time, we just ask for a little respect, he just came back from a trip, I’m settling in, I have to solve some things , but soon we will talk, we are going to tell him some things, but we want space to solve it”, said Carol Reali.

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Cachaza: “You put aside the loves that made you feel incomplete”

Strong and clear. Brazilian model Carol Reali, better known as ‘Cachaça’ He spoke on his social network sharing a curious message after an alleged breakup with a member of EEG Rafael Cardoza. As is known, the girl traveled to her homeland to be part of famous brands that lend her image. She thus showed it on her Instagram account.

“How beautiful you look now that you forgave, that you stopped being so hard on yourself, that you embraced your flaws, that you put aside the loves that made you feel incomplete and you fell in love with what you see in the mirror,” reads the post.