Camila Escribens got tired of speculation with Vinícius Jr. and admits: “He’s very special to me”

The popular influencer and model Camila Escribens has shown off during her parade on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in France, as far as he arrived in a private plane. However, the public figure is still in the public eye due to his link with the renowned footballer Vinicius Jr.

As recalled, the current Miss Peru 20232 received praise from the foreign baseball player, which generated a wave of reactions. For their part, some media outlets did not hesitate to question the beauty queenTherefore, Mande quien Mande showed the answer he had with total naturalness.

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“He is a very special friend for me, really and I think he is also going through a very strong moment. At this time I am sending him the best vibes and to keep going and not let criticism, bullying, attacks affect. He is a very strong person,” he said at the beginning Camila Escribens.

Nevertheless, Camila Escribens She decided to make it clear in front of the television cameras that she does not have a sentimental relationship with Vinícius Jr. nor an affair with anyone else because she is focused on fulfilling her activities as queen.

“I’m more single, I don’t talk to anyone. I’m focused on Miss Peru, I haven’t been in a relationship for 2 and a half years,” the model said with a laugh, separating herself from all the rumors that linked her to the soccer player.

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What diagnosis does Camila Escribens struggle with?

The model Camila Escribens He surprised many of his followers by revealing exclusively for El Popular that he has been fighting for years against a delicate diagnosis in his health that has caused the concern of his relatives, especially his parents.

I went to the Olympics and came second nationally. I was getting ready to jump something and cross. They detected 3 aneurysms and to this day I have it in my brain. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I was 13 or 14 years old. It has done me a lot and I had to be strong for my parents and family who have seen me suffer so much,” she said.

“In truth, it’s something delicate and I have to take it very carefully and always take care of myself and have check-ups, but I know that God is watching me and protecting me. I am here alive and well today,” he added.