Camilo reveals that he did not expect Evaluna’s pregnancy: “We didn’t have it planned”

Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner have become one of the most mediatic couples in recent times in all of Latin America. The Colombian and the Venezuelan have captivated their millions of fans not only with their musical talent, but also with the permanent details of love that are shown between them and that they share with their fans through social networks.

But what was most surprising was when the couple announced that they are expecting a child after a video published in which they gave the news to their entire family. Also, the artists took advantage of the emotion and launched a new song called “Indigo”, which will also be the name of the little one who is on the way.

But despite the joy that both Camilo and Eva Luna The Colombian recently revealed that his partner’s pregnancy took them by surprise, as they were not expecting it. However, the interpreter of “Rich life” assured that despite this both are very happy during these days.

“We are doing very well, thank God. Happy waiting for Indigo. Watching Evaluna’s belly grow every day. We dreamed of having a baby in our lives, but we didn’t have it planned. He arrived unexpectedly and now we are preparing for his arrival, “he told People en Español.

It is no secret to anyone that Camilo is experiencing perhaps one of the best moments of his musical career, since each of the songs he releases becomes a worldwide success. Therefore, the Colombian thanked the affection of his fans and said that he feels rewarded due to the arduous effort he made in recent years.

“I am living one of the happiest moments of my life. After dreaming about it so much, I have finally been able to meet ‘the tribe’ (followers) and feel all the good vibes and love close by, “he added.