Can the penis be fractured?

Yes, the penis can break, and it is the most feared injury for any man. The male sex organ can fracture and almost always occurs while in a relationship. Penile fracture is rare, but it can break like a bone, penises can break in 76-80% of cases during sexual activity, and the remaining 20-24% by accidents that happen outside of intercourse .

The penis is made up of three tubular structures

On one side of the corpus spongiosum that ends up forming the glans and through which the urethra passes, and on each side of this, two corpora cavernosa that are fundamentally in charge of erection. When an erection occurs, both the corpora cavernosa and the spongy are in turn covered by another layer of resilient, elastic tissue called Buck’s fascia. When an erection occurs, the penis fills with blood, and when a trauma or fracture occurs, these layers break, allowing the blood that was retained in the corpora cavernosa to escape, therefore, the erection is lost and a significant bruise forms.

How is the moment of penis fracture?

A sudden clicking or dry noise is heard, pain is felt and significant swelling is formed due to the outflow of blood from the reservoirs contained in the penis, producing what is called an “eggplant penis” due to the accumulation of blood. outside the corpora cavernosa. The recommendation if this event occurs is to urgently visit the urologist, since in these cases surgery must be performed to evacuate the hematoma and suture the layers that were broken in the trauma. When in doubt visit your urologist.

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