Canada: how much does a waiter earn per month and in which cities are there more opportunities?

Work as a waiter in Canada allows you to have a moderately high salary, since, in addition to the monthly salary received, you can generate income through tips. To work as a waiter, in general, it is not necessary to have basic or higher education. In addition, they can work in restaurants, bars or other establishments.

Next, we tell you how much a waiter earns in Canada and in which cities there are more opportunities, according to the official job platform of the foreign country.

How much does a waiter earn in Canada?

In Canada, a waiter earns 15.20 Canadian dollars per hour, according to the Job Bank platform of the Government of the North American country. Meanwhile, the maximum salary that can be obtained in this job for one hour of work is 24.43 Canadian dollars, while the minimum amounts to 13 Canadian dollars.

People who work as waiters usually work eight to nine hours a day. That allows them to obtain 136.8 Canadian dollars. Thus, a waiter in Canada earns, on average, 3,283.2 Canadian dollars.

What are the best cities in Canada to work as a waiter?

The Job Bank platform also details that there are some cities in Canada where salaries tend to be higher. Next, we will tell you what places it is and how much the waiters in these areas earn per hour.

  • Alberta: CDN$25 per hour
  • British Columbia: CDN$25 per hour
  • Nova Scotia: CDN$23 per hour
  • Québec: CDN$25 per hour
  • Ontario: CDN$22 per hour.

In which cities in Canada are there more opportunities to work as a waiter?

Although throughout Canada there is the possibility to work as a waiter, some cities are characterized by registering a greater number of opportunities. Find out what they are, according to Job Bank.

  • Manitoba
  • Alberta
  • british columbia
  • New Scotland
  • Northwest Territories.