Canela China once again bets on urban music with the release of “Tú” [VIDEO]

With a unique and attractive style, the Peruvian singer Canela China continues to make her way in the urban genre with the recent release of her new single and video entitled “Tú”. The national artist is once again committed to this popular musical style, in addition to continuing to venture into other genres, thus showing an attractive and interesting musical palette.

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The exploration of musical styles by this singer continues, this time her new single is a mix of moombathon with urban pop. Canela China offers greater versatility and persists in demonstrating that the barriers in musical genres are increasingly diffuse. “You” pushes you to lose inhibition, to tell that special person what we have in store without fear of rejection, I took the sounds of Bomba Estéreo as a reference, which is a group that symbolizes freedom and this song for me is that “revealed the Peruvian artist.

“Tell me what you want when you see me alone”, says the chorus of this new single that for Canela China has a clear and definitive message. “When no one sees you, I think you enjoy being you more, dreaming of what you like the most, enjoying only what you know,” she said about the meaning of this topic.

Canela China has been working tirelessly on her musical career. His songs “La purita verdad” and “Castigo” were released in 2020, “No quiero soltarte” was released in 2021 and his previous single was “For a day”, a call for empathy between the male gender and the female gender. of an attractive theme with a forceful message in these times of gender violence.

The Peruvian interpreter continues to climb the music industry and this is how this year she had the opportunity to participate in the Apufest Festival in Cusco, being the only female representative of the urban genre to share the stage with Juanes and Rombai.

“Tú” aspires to become one of the most listened to urban Peruvian songs of the season. It is already available on all music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and its video can be seen on YouTube.

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