Carloncho resumes a relationship with Jaquelyn Llerena, his partner before Rosángela: “My love”

the radio announcer Carlos Banderas, better known as Carloncho, gave himself a new opportunity in love and resumed his relationship with Jaquelyn Llerena, with whom he ended in 2016 to start a controversial romance with Rosángela Espinoza. As is recalled, the TV host also caused a stir in the national press after revealing the scenes of jealousy he had with the former reality girl, to the point of chasing the dancer Lucas Piró, who accompanied her on “The Great Show” with a belt.

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Details that confirm Carloncho’s relationship

Carloncho and Jaquelyn Llerena were together for eight years until they decided to go their separate ways, but time has brought them back together. Confirmation of her love was given in an Instagram story of the young woman, who is seen next to the communicator in a car and at one point says: “My love.”

So far, Tula Rodríguez’s friend has not spoken about it. In addition, there are other photos on the same platform in which you can see the couple in the company of friends celebrating, which denotes that they share the same circle of friendship.

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Carloncho asks users to get over their relationship with Rosángela Espinoza

Rosángela Espinoza revealed that Carloncho was a “controlling” man and that, therefore, their relationship did not end in the best way. “He always claimed my rehearsal hours instead of supporting me. I didn’t want him to rehearse, how ridiculous, ”she commented with a member of” The great show “. This episode is still remembered in the national show business.

In an interview, the radio host recalled his six-month relationship with the ‘Selfie Girl’ and asked netizens to get over it. “People must have a faint memory of what it was; However, I tell you that I also have life, since nine years have already passed. Let me fly”, he told Trome.

Carloncho and Rosángela Espinoza met on the “Verano extremo” program. They starred in one of the most popular relationships in show business. Photo: Composition LR/Broadcast

“I have redone my life several times in every way, and that is why I made the decision that everything I do is private so as not to be exposed,” he added.