Carloncho: Who is Jaquelyn Llerena, the young woman with whom you resumed your relationship after 7 years?

The things of love. It seems that Carlos Banderasbetter known as Carloncho, is at his best sentimentally, as he has reignited the flames of his relationship with Jacquelyn Llerenawith whom he ended before having an affair with Rosángela Espinoza, although they still do not expose themselves much to the press.

Let’s remember that the popular radio announcer also manages a job in America TV in the program “Entrepreneur Get The Batteries”, but has moved away from entertainment magazines, trying to go unnoticed. Who is his current partner? We tell you the details, here.

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Who is Jacquelyn Llerena and what does she do?

Her name is Jaquelyn Llerena, it is unknown how old she is because her information is private on social networks, but it is obvious that she is a few years younger than her partner carlonchowho will turn 50 in the coming months, but age does not seem to be an issue for them.

He studied Veterinary Medicine at the Ricardo Palma University and after finishing his studies, he got down to work and invested in his own business in 2021, for which he currently works in his own pet center and canine spa that bears his name, located in Comas.

His content on his Instagram account reveals that he is a lover of animals, but also of spending time with his friends, especially if it comes to enjoying concerts like the one in daddy yankee or Halloween with Don Omar. Has Carloncho accompanied her?

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How was the relationship of Carloncho and Jacquelyn Llerena confirmed?

It all happened when in one instagram storyrecorded by the veterinarian, she is shown smiling and says “My love”, while focusing on the radio announcer, who was driving the vehicle in which they were moving.

Let’s remember that Carlos and Jacquelyn had an eight-year romance that ended in 2016, the reason why it came to an end was not clear and there was speculation of an alleged infidelity in which he was involved ‘the selfie girl’.

Without giving further clarification to the press about when they resumed their relationship, this April 2023 it was discovered that they decided to return and overcome the problems that caused their relationship to end previously.

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Does Carloncho plan to become a father with Jacquelyn Llerena this 2023?

In an interview for The popularthe well-known radio host reported that very soon he will fulfill one of his mother’s greatest wishes, to be able to see him become a father.

“Yes, soon I am going to give her a grandson, so much so that she asks me, it is that she is afraid that I will be left alone,” he said. carloncho. Do you have plans to start a family with your partner?