Carlos Alcántara and Jossie Lindley: Who is your wife and how did they fall in love?

Carlos Alcantara He is one of the Peruvian actors who has managed to enchant the public and make his film “Asu Mare” the highest grossing in the national cinema. Alcantara was bordering five decades when he made history in Peru with “Asu Mare”. The actor and producer decided to bring his self-titled comedy monologue to the big screen, which mainly tells how he meets his wife.

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The national film had more than 2 million viewers, of which 150,000 people were on the first day of release. In addition, it led the box office more than a month after its premiere. The public enjoyed each of the staging of the renowned actor.

In “Asu Mare” We were able to learn a little more about the love life between Carlos Alcántara and Jossie Lindley, who also appear in said film, that is why today in El Popular we will tell you more about the actor’s wife.

Who is Jossie Lindley?

Joselyne Ana María Lindley Artieda, the wife of Carlos Alcantara, studied Classical Ballet and Acrobatics at the British School of Dancing of Rossina and Sylvia Muller.

He has participated in the Grupo UNO productions: directed by Lucho Peñaherrera and Dany Kanashiro 1989 – 1993; Imakinary Chronicles; Splendor; Size 45; Whole Group: directed by Óscar Naters; The Difficult Loves (1994); Mirella Carbone; Crime at Night (1996); The Rapture (1999); Broken Plates (2004); Cecilia Borasino- 100% Body Festival at the French Alliance of Miraflores; and -The Third Woman (2012).

How did Carlos Alcántara and Jossie Lindley fall in love?

In an interview with ‘Choca’ Mandros for the segment ‘Chocahuarique’ of “You are in all”, the Peruvian actor gave details of his love story with the woman of his life.

“I met her through Pataclaun. I was sitting at the door of Pataclaun’s house in Barranco and she would come walking down the street wearing a wardrobe, because she is a contemporary dance dancer, at that time she was working in the Uno group and I was going to do a photo session, and I saw her come in with a little short dress and a black wig and wow! I said: who is it? ”, confessed the actor for the cameras of América Televisión.

Carlos Alcantara He assured that he was surprised by the way she greeted him when they met again. He added that his love was at first sight.