Carlos Alcántara reveals racism in television productions: “They didn’t want cholos to appear on TV”

At the moment, Carlos Alcantara is in the public eye after launching the latest sequel to “Asu mare”, a film that recounts different stages of his life; For this reason, she appears in different programs to offer statements about this film, his private life and the next work projects that she has in the future. Verónica Linares did not miss the opportunity to have him on her YouTube set and took advantage of these minutes to ask several questions. In this conversation, both talked about the years that the director participated in television programs.

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What did Carlos Alcántara say about his time on Peruvian TV?

In the middle of the conversation with Verónica Linares, Carlos Alcántara told how his years were in front of the small screen. The actor showed some discomfort when he remembered that he was in front of a children’s program in which he invited his little neighbors to participate, but the production asked that they not appear.

“I have had a children’s program, I invited the kids from my neighborhood, from the front, from the back and, suddenly, I had to send commercials and I always covered a kid and they sent commercials. (Production staff) came and He told me: ‘But you don’t understand that the manager at that time doesn’t want them to show cholos on television,'” he revealed. However, the actor said that he defended his colleagues and, even so, they denied this request.

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Carlos Alcántara talks about Ricardo Mendoza in “Asu mare”

In a conversation for Trome, Carlos Alcántara told his version of the absence of Ricardo Mendoza in “Asu mare”. As is known, the comedian became very famous thanks to his YouTube program and that would be the reason why “Tarrón” no longer appeared in the popular “Cachín” movie.

“The final decision not to be in the shot was his, because there are no victims here. Here it seems that he was the victim, and it is the other way around. I think that the victim, in any case, would be us, because he has left us hanging with a big project. If he is not here, it is because an agreement was not reached, but he spent a year in that plan. I value his growth, but here there is a commitment, some colleagues, a group and we stay up in the air. We had to cover the gap of a cast that everyone knows, ”he related.

Carlos Alcántara and Ricardo Mendoza in confrontations for “Asu mare”. Photo: composition LR/ATV/Tondero.