Carlos Álvarez reveals that he is a fan of Lapadula: “He falls and gets up, he doesn’t regret it”

Carlos Alvarez He is very happy to learn that the public liked his imitation of Gianluca Lapadula in his 2021 shows. Despite having characters that are difficult to parody, the artist assures that he will not give up on continuing with his work and said he was a fan of the footballer for the courage shown in each of the sporting events.

“Lapadula, who is a very beloved character and I have great affection for him. I am his fan because he is a good fighter, he falls and gets up, does not complain and continues playing. I am a fan of Gianluca because he does not give up, “he assured in an interview for Trome.

The comedian explained that he was happy with his imitation and with the different recognitions he has received as a result of his effort and work. “It is a work of imitation, artistic and thank you for this recognition (Trome award). They give me good news, days before my birthday, which is January 7, and I’m going to spend it alone with my cake because I have to take care of myself ”.

The television character came out to defend himself through the social networks of Willy Miguel Peralta Guillén, who discriminated against a policewoman in Moquegua. After that, Carlos Álvarez imitated him, since in the video it can be seen that the subject was ranting in front of the PNP agent. “I’m from Lima, I’m pituco and I have class.” After making a parody of the event, the comedian received a notarized letter from Peralta to which the renowned comedian revealed. “This man has just sent me a notarized letter for me to rectify. We are not a journalistic program, we are a comedy program where the reality of things is parodied. We are not journalists. We want everyone to take everything that happens in our country with a smile ”.

The artist said that he will return to the classroom in 2022 to study law and clarified that he does not intend to leave his role as a comedian. “I am 56 years old and I want to have a university degree, and next year I am going to study law. I don’t see myself at 70 or 80 playing ‘Paolín’. I think everything has a cycle. I will dedicate myself to preparing myself and at the same time I will continue with my artistic work ”.