Carlos Cacho celebrated his 50th birthday at a luxurious hotel in the south of Lima

Carlos Cacho He received his 50th birthday in style with the people he loves the most in a luxurious hotel in the south of Lima. The make-up artist, who lost a lawsuit against Ezio Oliva, shared with his followers through social networks how well he had and thanked those who accompanied him at this very important moment in his life. After sharing the post, the artist received congratulations from the users.

“With these images I begin the second half of my life … infinitely thanking the people who accompanied me in this important moment” The stylist wrote along with a small video uploaded to his official Instagram account.

After sharing his happiness for having another year of life, the compliments of the netizens did not wait, and one of them was the greeting of Rosángela Espinoza. “How regal. I love it, ”wrote the ‘Selfie Girl’. “Beautiful as always, turning 50 and being like #Zar, we would like many”, “Divine, I love it. Happy Birthday. Enjoy this special day ”, were some of the comments.

On December 11, the stylist participated as a jury in the segment The great dancing of the program Because today is Saturday with Andrés, where he surprised Andrés Hurtado when he revealed that his daughter was pregnant. “Hush, are you crazy?” Said the television host. “That’s never going to happen. Never. If she gets pregnant, I die … They want me to die so they can inherit ”, he added.

After being away from television for a long time as a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Carlos Cacho reappeared in America today and expressed his admiration for ‘Giselo’. “’Giselo’, every day with more prominence. They mention it in 9 (ATV), they mention it in the morning, on the networks. He is growing in his career, but by leaps and bounds ”, he mentioned.