Carlos Cacho justifies Photoshop retouching of Ethel Pozo: “It was Roche came with a tattoo” [VIDEO]

Strong declarations. In the latest edition of D’Tomorrow The make-up artist Carlos Cacho was invited to comment on all the ‘digital retouches’ in the Photoshop tool by the show business artists. One of them was the host of America Hoy Ethel Pozo, who put a lot of “touch-up” on her “honeymoon” photos with her husband, Julián Alexander. What did she say?

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As recalled, users exposed Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter. after seeing that in his first publication of his trip with the producer there was a photo where they go out very loving together on the beach, but something strange stood out on his arm and it was that a piece of his swimsuit was impregnated in this part from his body.

Given this, Carlos Cacho He did not hesitate to support her, but stressed that it was a tremendous “roche”: “There is a piece of clothing fabric (showing the controversial image that went viral), it ‘sparkled'”, Carlos said at first.

Karla Tarazona astonished, she questions: “How are you not going to realize that you have that cloth on your arm? Cacho’s response was immediate, and she came out in defense of Gisela Valcárcel’s eldest daughter.

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“Well, they would be on the ‘honeymoon’, of course they would be concentrating on singing, they are living Metiche. In fact, ‘Roche fell’ for him”. “Suddenly it’s a sticker that came with the bikini,” she mentioned with a laugh.

Carlos Cacho supports Ethel Pozo and Julián alexander

Given this, Carlos He revealed that after seeing Ethel Pozo on the TODAY program, he assures that he saw her very happy, and that the honeymoon trip was good for him, because he returned renewed.

“I saw her very well, very happy,” Cacho told El Popular. Regarding the criticism that the couple has received, he mentioned that nobody else cares, only the couple. “I think that doesn’t matter, the important thing is what they think and what they decide,” he assured andhe make-up artist