Carlos Carlín reveals that he would like to host a program: “I’ve stayed hot.”

Carlos Carlin does not rule out the idea of ​​returning to the small screen as a host of a program; however, you were very specific with the kind of format you want to drive. The actor assures that he would like one in the style of Wantan night in the open signal, since it came to an end after 7 years of being on the air.

“I trust that it can be achieved, I don’t want to stay calm, I was left with the program, I really liked the experience and I would like to replicate it. Hopefully it can be done in some other space and always preserving the quality of the product and offering people different things, which I think is a value ”, he expressed for Trome.

On the other hand, the driver explained that he was sad to have to say goodbye to his program that was transmitted by the Movistar Plus signal. “I said goodbye to Wantan night with great regret after 7 years because it gave me the opportunity to meet again with television, to do a program of which I have felt happy, proud, happy. In addition, it gave space to a lot of people who had nowhere to show their talent and to have created a quality space, where people felt comfortable and where any international artist who passed through Peru would go to the program ”.

The artists stepped on the set of En boca de todos on November 30 to submit to curious questions from the hosts of the America television program. In the questioning, a doubt appeared and they wanted to clear it with the theater producer, which was about the idea of ​​presenting This is war next to his best friend. Right away, Johanna San Miguel assured that she would like to host the competition reality with Carlos Carlín. “I would not have a better pair than you,” he asserted with laughter.

The actor’s name sounded a lot to be the next host of This is War; However, Carlos Carlín discarded the idea of ​​presenting the competition program with Johanna San Miguel because it was not his thing. “I would be to lead This is senior or geriatric warfare. My bones already hurt, I have kidney stones and I am not around to run around like the boys on the show ”.