Carlos Galdós happy with his girlfriend 15 years younger: “It doesn’t offend me to be called ‘sugar daddy'”

Comedian Carlos Galdos He was very excited because this Sunday, October 30, he returns to the Plaza Norte Theater to offer his show “Love in the times of Galdós”. This time he will not talk about mothers or politics, but will do live couples therapy with his new girlfriend.

In this theatrical proposal that recently premiered in the United States with resounding success, the Peruvian showman Carlos Galdós reveals and builds, with his usual ironic and funny tone, what works in his love relationship with Maria del Carmen Cornejo.

In conversation with La República, Carlos Galdós referred to ‘Marita’ as he affectionately calls his girlfriend, with whom he will arrive at the altar for the third time.

“He arrived three years ago more or less and is here with me, in my life. She came at a time where I rethink many things in my life. I’ve even rethought my job. At a quieter time, sure. I’m not going to tell you more mature, I don’t know, you’re always changing,” said Galdós, who confirmed the presence of Maria del Carmen Cornejo in her show at the Teatro Plaza Norte, where she will offer two performances (at 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm).

Carlos Galdós is 48 years old and is proud of his age. He says that his girlfriend is younger than him, but that is not a problem for the relationship. On the other hand, the radio host also indicated that he does not mind being called ‘sugar daddy’.

“Well, they joke with me a lot because my partner is 15 years younger than me. All time. It’s the fashionable joke, let’s say. It doesn’t offend me, not at all. Why should I be offended if it’s a joke? I am not offended. Go figure! Comedian who is offended, dies”, said Galdós.

Carlos Galdós said that, in addition to his show, he is now focused on preparing for what he considers “the third important event in my life.” Also, he doesn’t think his other two marriages have been failures. “And I don’t think the third time is the charm because the first two, just like this one, start from the same place: love. And each one of those experiences has a reason in my life and I honor and appreciate them.”

As you remember, the first time the former host of programs like “La noche es mía” and “Calle 7” married the businesswoman Yolanda Pérez. From that union, their daughter Valentina was born.

Years later, Carlos Galdós fell in love with Carla Carbo Ponce de León and, in June 2014, married the Peruvian publicist.