Carlos Galdós will marry his girlfriend Marita for the third time: “It’s a kamikaze act, but I believe in love”

Carlos Galdós revealed that he will marry his girlfriend Marita Cornejo, who is younger than him by 16 years. The presenter of “Por Dios y por la plata” said that he was recommended not to marry again, however, he says that she will do it the same way because he still believes in love.

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“On October 30, he returned with my show ‘Love in the times of Galdós’ at the Plaza Norte Theater. There I will share details of my marriage, of what it is like to marry for the third time, it is a kamikaze act and it makes me laugh a lot because many people tell me not to do it, because they consider it a suicidal act, but marriage is one more step ” Galdos commented.

“I still believe in love, I always bet on love, the fact that I have had two other marriages does not mean that they have not loved me. They have loved me a lot. The fact that I have had a time limit (his previous marriages), It does not mean that it has been a bad experience, but rather they have been the experience that it had to be and in the way that it had to happen”, added the popular host.

Carlos tells what marriage is for him: “Marriage does not necessarily have to do with love, but rather it has to do with putting some legal terms in order. Marriage has to do with ordering and caring for the other person. love has to do with coexistence, the pacts you have with your partner, but marriage is a procedure that puts the person with whom you are living together in care before the law.

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When is your wedding date?

Carlos Galdós said that he does not have a date for his wedding, however, but he warns that although he would not have already set a day, he would not share it with people outside his life.

“I will marry civilly. We are still looking at the times, there is still no date, but if there were, I would not say it either,” he said.