Carlos Orozco responds to Magaly after interview criticism: “I have my bachelor’s degree”

Carlos Orozco went viral after making a interview with Marco Antonio Guerrerosinger who confessed to having impregnated her daughter’s mother when she was a minor. Journalist he only managed to laugh at this fact, instead of questioning the artist. In this sense, Magaly Medina did not hesitate to criticize the communicator in one of the last broadcasts of her program and she even minimized him as an interviewer to the point of calling him “ignorant”. Now, the also youtuber answers him.

Magaly Medina questioned Carlos Orozco for his interview with Marco Antonio. Photo: ATV/YouTube capture

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Carlos Orozco questions Magaly Medina

Before the headlines that he starred in about the statements of Magaly Medina, Carlos Orozco made a video to respond to each of the comments of the ‘Magpie’. In this sense, she highlighted that the host was offended by the interview with Marco Antonio Guerrero. “That bothers you? That now anyone can do it and that before it was for a small matter of people, under any filter, ”she said.

Was it before that a master’s or doctorate was requested for people to do it? What is the problem? What are you against? That it is now democratically accessible and that we made the content ourselves, that it has been self-managed and that we do not have investment from a channel… Does this bother you?he questioned afterwards.

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Carlos Orozco clarifies to Magaly that he has a bachelor’s degree

After hearing Magaly Medina say that “I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he came from, I don’t know where they got him from, but he has no criteria”Carlos Orozco clarified that he was more than qualified to be able to interview.

“Does my lack of preparation for an interview bother you? I have my bachelor’s degree, my academic card and my justified preparation in the register. If from that I have questionable actions, there we are in the same because I also believe the same about you, but I have fun with your things, as you have had fun with my things, “he said.