Carlos Vílchez exposes Carlos Carlín after revealing one of his secrets: “I saw you in Jr. Zepita”

johanna san michael and Carlos Carlín were invited to the program “send who sends” to make their cherry to the theatrical show that both are starring in. However, beyond the promotion, both ended up in trouble with the “spicy questions” that the driver Carlos Vílchez had.

It was this Tuesday, April 18, that the remembered actors of “Pataclaún” could not escape the questions of the popular ‘Charlotte‘ that, with each query, it was difficult for them to answer the guests until a particular one arrived that ended up surprising them, as well as Maria Pia Copello.

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“Would you ever pay for caresses without love in your life?” Vilchez who was in the company of Mario Hart. After listening to what was mentioned by the animated magazine in the evenings, Johanna he started to laugh, but Carlín found himself cornered and his reaction left him exposed.

“Yes,” he said in a low voice. Carlos Carlinbut Carlos Vilchez He took the opportunity to expose him: “Carlín, tell the truth because I have seen you. Carlín tell the truth that I have seen you in Zepita.” After that, the well-known ‘Tony’, with a big smile on his face, told the entertainer to keep quiet: “Shut up Vílchez because… Carlota, please.”

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Carlos Carlín fires Latina for not paying the royalties of “Pataclaún”

The actor Carlos Carlín announced that Latina has not paid him any royalties for the retransmissions of the series that he integrated in the nineties: “pataclaun“.

After being consulted about it, the popular ‘Tony‘ He maintained that they belong to a union and the television house has not given anything: “The truth is that we, all the actors from Pataclún and other actors are part of Inter Artis, we are all Inter Artis, they represent us and Latina did not pay. It is an institution that works very well and very seriously, and who are actors and watch over not only us, the actors of Pataclaún, but also actors from other productions. The series has been repeated for about 11 years and during that time no royalties have been paid to us never”.

In the same way, he maintained that the issue of recognition is not a game or a gift for the media, but rather, that it is a right: “The truth is that we have never received royalties for the series and it would be good if the royalties not only for us but for other actors as well because royalties are not gifts, it’s a right.”