Carlos Vílchez: How many years of friendship have you had with Jorge Benavides and why do you consider him your “brother”?

It is part of your family. The comic actor Carlos Vílchez made more than clear his relationship with Jorge Benavides, this despite his departure from the cast of the humorous program of ATV. That is why in this special of El Popular we will tell you a little more about this friendship and how many years they have known each other.

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Since when are Jorge Benavides and Carlos Vílchez friends?

According to the same information as the former member of JB on ATVs revealed in conversation with ‘Skinny Granda’, he would maintain a friendship of more than three decades with the comedian Jorge Benavides, and for this reason, he would not only consider him as another friend in his life, but as part of his own family.

“We were already friends with Jorge… We are brothers… 36 years together (…) Carlos seems to me to be a good imitator, he doesn’t seem great to me, he doesn’t seem better than Jorge… Not with Jorge We look at each other, it’s that we don’t look at each other, because you already know yourself. He’s a ‘fat and a skinny’… We are two Peruvians, but we understand each other,” said Carlos Vílchez.

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Does Carlos Álvarez have to do with the departure of Carlos Vílchez from JB on ATV?

The answer to this question would not yet be clear, but the latest statements by the Peruvian comedian would hint that it would be so. Well, in the same interview on the ‘Flaco Granda’ podcast, he revealed that he could not work with Carlos Álvarez, this because of the very different style that both would handle.

“Not with Carlos, I’m not going to understand him, because I don’t read politics, I have to understand it because I’m Peruvian, but I don’t like it (…) I don’t get into politics, I don’t balance with politics. I I am a comedian, I can make you laugh not with a joke, I am the one who makes you laugh with situations,” he confessed.

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When does the Carlos Vílchez and María Pía Copello program premiere?

The program that will be conducted by the child ex-animator, Maria Pia Copellobegan working on the project as of Monday, January 2, in order to go out in style with the live space as of February 6, 2023, with the company of Carlos Vilchezwho is presumed to interpret again ‘The Charlotte’.

However, the data so far has not been confirmed by the production of America TV and it is important to mention that the program of the recognized figures would not yet have a name, this has been verified with the promotional video where details of what will be seen in the new program are not revealed.