Carlos Zambrano: Who is your wife Marcia Succar and how did your love story begin?

The soccer player Carlos Zambrano is having a good performance as a player of the Argentine team Boca Juniors, since they recently won the Maradona Cup title. On the other hand, in the family aspect, the athlete is away from scandals after almost his His wife almost asked for a divorce after being protected by kissing a young woman. Despite all this, her daughter’s mother forgave the player and they decided to give themselves a chance.

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Who is Marcia Succar?

There is no information on the current wife of Carlos Zambrano, Marcia Succar, but what did become known is that both were totally in love after the footballer ended his first engagement.

The love was so great that they decided to get married on December 27, 2017, in an intimate ceremony attended by their family and closest friends, including the Peruvian national team footballers. A year after saying yes, they decided to travel to Paris to splurge on their romance in the city of love and in front of the Eiffel Tower.

After this moment, the trips continued and they were always very affectionate, but the chaos in their marriage came after the television host revealed a series of images in which the Boca Junior player is seen kissing a young woman in a I already.

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This situation put their relationship in check but still Marcia He decided to give it another chance and the first time they were seen together again was in Buenos Aires, where the footballer now resides.

Marcia is friends with Cueva’s wife

Marcia succar She is a very good friend of Pamela López, Christian Cueva’s wife, they even dare to share photos together on their social networks. In one of the images you can see that the wife of Carlos Zambrano she attended her ‘pinky’s’ wedding and dressed in a blue dress.