Carrillo hesitates at Trauco for the penalty in favor of Venezuela: “Say thanks to Gallese” [VIDEO]

André Carrillo played a joke on Miguel Trauco for the penalty he committed in favor of Venezuela. Through the live via Instagram, the ‘Culebra’ reminded him that Pedro Gallese saved us from a possible goal from Vinotinto.

The celebration of Peru’s victory over Venezuela was present in the dressing rooms. And it is that André Carrillo took the role of reporter to transmit the celebration of his colleagues and took the opportunity to joke with his colleagues.

One of his victims was Miguel Trauco, who was waved by his hand inside the area that caused the penalty in favor of Vinotinto at 67 ‘of the game.

This could be a danger for the Peruvian team when the score was 2-1. However, Pedro Gallese prevented it from becoming a goal and saved the shot.

André Carrillo did not hesitate to joke with his partner for the favor that the popular ‘Pulpo’ did him. “Trauquito, say thanks to Gallese”Carrillo said with a laugh, causing laughter from the left back.

Pedro Gallese made it clear to the Venezuelan team that it is one of the defensive pillars of the Bicolor, paying more than its inclusion among the 20 best goalkeepers in the world, recognition that is at the height of what it offers game by game.

The next matches of the Bicolor will be in 2022, where Colombia and Ecuador will duel in the months of January and February, for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.