‘Case Closed’: How much did the actors of the Ana María Polo program earn?

The program Case closed It is known throughout Latin America for the different legal problems presented by several Latino people living in the United States and Dr. Ana María Polo is in charge of settling the conflicts. However, very few know that the cases are represented by actors and one of the actresses revealed how much they would charge per episode.

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How much did the actors of Case Closed earn?

As we already mentioned, each of the people who appear on the show are actors and according to what one of the actresses told through a video that went viral on TikTok, the stories are sometimes fictional and sometimes real.

In addition, the same woman assured that the participants of the television show charge approximately between 200 and 400 dollars per chapter and in her case I charge 700 dollars because her case was recorded on two dates. In addition, she mentioned that the same production chose which role she had to play. .

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How did Ana María Polo start in Case Closed?

The first time the show aired Case closed was on April 2, 2001, which was originally called couple room, created to solve marital problems, although later new cases of various problems were added. This led to changing the name and popularizing his classic phrase after hitting the hammer, which became one of the most successful spaces on North American television and Telemundo.

In an interview with the magazine People In 2020, Dr. Polo assured that she was ending her participation in Case Closed, since she considered that she was not doing anything new. However, the lawyer showed her desire to continue on the small screen, so she is currently waiting for a proposal that will convince her.