“Case closed”: how much did the actors of the famous program of Dr. Ana María Polo earn?

“Case closed” had great success in Latin America under the leadership of Dr. Ana María Polo, who was the main figure of the program during its years of transmission between 2001 and 2019. Through the presentation of civil cases such as food claims, paternity cases , gender violence, among others, made a name for itself in the homes of many families.

Although the cases were novel and engaging, in the last years of recording it became known that the participants were hired as actors to star, under a pre-established script, in the development of the program, whose episodes reflected a court session.

Last year, a TikTok user revealed what her experience was like working on “Case closed” and made reference to the lack of veracity that was put into practice.

“If they believed that ‘Case Closed’ is real, then no, it’s pure acting and they hire ordinary people, like you and me, to write a script that is prepared the same day, you learn it in three hours and you go out and do it, as half learned and half improvised”, said the Internet user @Milamila2.2 in her video.

In that sense, he added that Ana María Polo learns about the issues to be discussed as they are presented. That is to say, she does not know what the case will be until the program began and she, under her discretion, deliberated the sentence. Regarding payment, she pointed out that “Typically, leads are paid $200 to $400 per episode.”.

The television host Ana María Polo clarified in 2019 the controversy over how real “Case Closed” is. In an interview with the BBC, she said that most of the cases are inspired by events or problems of daily life.

“The cases are real or based on real events, although many times the people with the problem do not come. But what matters is the analysis we make of the problems, what we are reflecting on, ”she assured.

In May, the companies Cinemat and Mega Global Entertainment (MGE) announced through their social networks an agreement with Dr. Ana María Polo to start a new season of “Case Closed”.

“’Case Closed’ will be back with a new studio, new sections, but the same strength and humility that characterize Dr. Polo and that have made the program the one with the largest audience among Hispanics around the world for more than two decades,” MGE said in a post on Instagram.