Cassandra Sánchez wishes to have a natural birth: “I want to carry out the entire pregnancy” [VIDEO]

Deyvis Orosco’s girlfriend, Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid, counts down the days to meet her first-born Milan and has already shared her wishes of how she wants his birth to be.

In an interview for En boca de todos, Jessica Newton’s daughter revealed that she wants to live the full experience of her pregnancy, so she wants to have a natural birth.

“He’s already positioned, it all depends on when he (Milan) wants to go out. The truth is that I want to live the whole experience, I want to live the fact of being pregnant and fulfill the entire pregnancy and give it naturally“, she maintained excited.

Likewise, Cassandra was grateful to the ‘Bomboncito de la cumbia’ for all the attention and care he has had with her during this beautiful stage.

“The truth is that I am lucky that he listens to me, especially at the time that I tell him what I’m feeling, She is always there to support me and now, God willing, we want it to be natural childbirth“, he finished.

Deyvis Orosco dedicates a tender message to her baby days after meeting him

Deyvis Orosco is increasingly excited about the arrival of her baby, the fruit of her love with Cassandra, so a few days after she gives birth, she decided to dedicate a post to her son.

You haven’t arrived yet and you are already motivating me to work harder, you have given me a new inspiration Milan. As long as I am here, you will never lack anything, neither you nor Mom. Counting the hours / days to meet you! “He wrote.

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