Cassandra TIRED of criticizing love with Deyvis: “It’s a relationship, not a community project” [FOTOS]

It continues in the public eye. The renowned businesswoman Cassandra Sanchez It has been on everyone’s lips after he decided to continue his courtship with Deyvis Orosco after his ampay leaving a sauna after more than 10 hours. This time, the public figure shared a forceful message that would be directed at her detractors.

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Let’s remember that Jessica Newton He also decided to put his hands on fire for the Peruvian singer and made it clear that he is happy to have a son-in-law like the artist. Even the former Beauty Queen minimized the controversial images of the “Bomboncito”.

Now, Cassandra Sanchez She continues to be active on social networks, demonstrating that she is not affected by negative comments about her sentimental relationship with Deyvis Orosceither. Let’s remember that after her enmity Magaly Medina became one of the toughest figures to comment on her love.

This time, the businesswoman shared the message on her social networks that drew the attention of her thousands of fans. “Your relationship doesn’t need to make sense to anyone except you and your partner. It’s a relationship, not a community project,” she reads to herself in her story, which is written in English.

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Cassandra Sánchez would answer and block users who criticize her

The controversial entertainment journalist samuel suarez He was surprised by assuring that Cassandra Sánchez would have an unusual attitude towards her detractors because, according to what she said, she answers them and then blocks them to stop the attacks, apparently.

“Every day, ratujas send me conversations that they have (with characters), for example Cassandra Sanchez de la Madrid He responds to people and begins to dialogue. All the big roll. What intensity. Obviously I’m not going to show it and I’ll keep all the little gossip. But he not only gives himself the job of answering a testimonial, but also later blocking them.