Casting ‘guararey’!

According to the dictionary, the term guararey usually means fainting. We Dominicans use it to refer to someone who is comparón, pouring water or ‘pods’ as it is also said in popular language. The fact is that speaking with a colleague, he commented to me in a questioning tone: “Come here, Marta, have you noticed how people have become now? You see that some spend their time throwing guararey through social networks, at work and even in activities. It is a ‘phantasy’ and one thing, and what is happening? My answer was affirmative, because really yes, I have noticed it too.

A healthy invitation

I felt so disappointed that I had no choice but to invite him to visit a fabulous city where the inhabitants are clear that what makes them special and important is not the designer clothes they wear, the Carolina Herrera bag they wear, the latest vehicle model in which they walk, or the luxurious house where they live. They know very well that what they carry inside, even if it is not seen, is their letter of introduction. Some good feelings, solidarity, humility, respect, and most of all, love for your neighbor is the only thing that counts in this fabulous place to win you glory.

they fear karma

My colleague was surprised in this city, to such an extent that he confessed to me that he did not want to return to his reality. What caught his attention the most was the answer they gave to the question he asked several of them. Why don’t you go around pouring guararey like some people do in places like the one where I live? “We don’t do it because we are clear that nothing is forever, that everything turns around, that what I do today I pay for tomorrow, be it good or bad. Anyway, we are afraid of karma. We know that pouring water with material things is not healthy, and it does not speak well of those who practice it”. He was satisfied with this answer and took it with him to see what he can do in his reality with this reflection.

happy and thoughtful return

Although, as I said, my guest did not want to return from that fabulous city, he agreed because he learned, perhaps not to accept that vain behavior of some people, but to understand and know how to wait for them in “la bajaita” because nothing is forever, and the roles are reversed. He returned to his reality convinced that everything external will pass, but the good that is carried inside will always define you as a noble human being. In addition, there he learned that he can also cast ‘guararey’, but flaunting the pure feelings that he has and that love for his neighbor that only those who have God in their hearts can give.